Nina Baier

Accompagnant R.I.E. 

Counselling and long-term therapy

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Even from stumbling blocks thrown in our way, we can build something beautiful.  

Wolfgang Johann Goethe

There are moments in life where you go through a difficult patch and may need the help of a professional therapist to gain insight into yourself and into life’s challenges. In my practice near Albertville you’ll find a reassuring environment and a welcoming ear to enable you to speak freely about your personal difficulties. My therapeutic approach views the person as a whole being with interconnected emotions, physical feelings and thoughts.Through therapeutic talking, you learn things about yourself and your problem(s) and how to overcome them. The therapy will help you to develop coping skills in the form of behaviour changes, changes in your thinking style and improvements in managing your emotional world. 

The pace of the sessions is chosen by the patient. The first session is free and can be used to express your expectations and the nature of your problems. It also gives me the opportunity to explain the way I work.