Nina Baier

Accompagnant R.I.E.

Counselling and long-term therapy



N° SIRET: 40916363100024

I was born in Germany, have lived in France since 1990 and speak English fluently, as it is the language I use with my British husband in everyday life.

After studying languages and business to become a translator and a language teacher, I undertook a psychology course at the University of Paris 8 a few years later.

Holding a bachelor’s degree in psychology, I then started looking for a different way to train as a therapist and to treat people. Following the encounter with Nicole Bar, a therapist and the founder of the Ecole du Soin in Albertville, I started a 7-year-training course with 800 hours of theoretical training, research and active therapy work.

This course led to my qualification as “Accompagnant RIE (recherche de l’Identité Ethique)" which needs some explanation to be well understood. 

On top of the training programme covering all the important topics for practising therapy and counselling, this training course also had the objective of developing one’s ethical identity.

Developing one's ethical identity means that you become aware of your responsibility for your physical acts, the words you use and the thoughts you process in your mind. Your acts become fair and right for yourself and other people. An ethical person tries to behave ethically in all the areas of his or her life: as a parent, a partner in a couple, a worker or as a citizen. This leads to healthier and more peaceful relationships with the people with whom you interact. Developing your ethical identity also implies that you learn to respect yourself and others.