Nina Baier

Counselling and long-term therapy


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We all possess our own key which will enable us to open the door to our desires and our hopes. 

This form of therapy is meant for people

  • who find themselves in a personal crisis and want to find out the causes, understand what is happening to them and work on solutions.
  • who feel generally unhappy but can’t identify what makes them feel this way. Working with a therapist can help bring up repressed memories and remove one by one the obstacles on the path of well-being.
  • who have relational problems : conflicts with their partner, their children or colleagues
  • who feel the need to get a better understanding of themselves and the people with whom they interact. You may not have any major problems but would like to move forward in your life, find new meaning and understand your personal history.
  • who suffer from an illness: physical symptoms often express an underlying feeling of malaise. Therapy can help patients understand what the body is trying to tell them.